"In His Father's Hands" by Anne Geddes
Families are a very high priority for Latter-Day Saints. You may have seen the public service ads we run on TV like "Family . . . isn't it about TIME?" and others. We believe that children are born innocent are a very important blessing from God.  We believe that families can be together after death as well, living together in Heaven with those who have passed on.  Not only are our living family important, but we also believe that ancestors are also important.  We do work for them that they can recieve blessings in Heaven.  Mormons are very into geneology and "finding our roots"  through Family History.  We now have the world's largest Family History Centers, and it is open free to the public.  We also provide many resources online.  Please go on and check out the fun and informative stuff I've got here for or about families . . .
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Children are an heritage of the Lord. Psalms 127:3
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