Sister Kipluck is a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Orem, Utah. Kipluck is the oldest of three children. She has one younger sister and one younger brother. 
Kipluck served a mission for her church in Houtson, Texas from October 2001 through April 2003. Throughout her mission she experienced many tesimony building experiences. You can find out more about missions by clicking the link on the left.
Houston, Texas LDS Temple
Sister Kiplucks Official Mission Update!
18 March 2003

"I'm sitting in the auto shop right now, eating Pez and occasionally glancing at the news on T.V. of war, I guess I will put that out of my mind for a while. We are on the Lord's Errand and we don't have time to worry!

"Guess what? We are on bikes! Yes, I am now a Bike Sister. That's sort of cool - fun to talk about, NOT so cool to do. My butt, thighs, heart and lungs . . . yeah, I'm not doin' so well with that one! But it's kind of fun around the neighborhood! *picture of bike* My bike's name is Boswell. He has lights and everything. He's a nice bike and has buttshocks (but not enough), and he's a "Giant." Also, I do not have to buy it, so he'll stay here when I go home. WEIRD.

"Oh, so the car deal. . . we share it with another companionship. (yes, on our day we are stuck getting the runaround at the mechanic. The work is going good, I mean we are ALWAYS busy. . . so much to do. And we've been teaching a lot of first discussions, though very few progress further - but we keep praying a TON.

"I can not beliece this is my last tranfser. Time's going by so fast, I want to grab on to something for balance! Nearing the end is scary, I see so much I wish I'd done better and so much left to do out here. . . and then there's the whole being scared of REAL life thing. (Although , the net I think I will adjust to having again quite quickly.)

"I've got to make my lesson plan for English class. My Pakistanis are going to learn directions & city words. I may also read stories with them and give a spelling test. We'll see. I am not a professional here! Geez!

"The church is  true, the book is blue.

                                                 Love, Sistah Mayberry"
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