"Behold, the Lord hath created the earth that it should be inhabited; and he hath created his children that they should possess it." 1 Nephi 17:36
by Janeen Jacobs Brady, copyright 1987
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Like a Fairy Tale...
Long ago, before there was house payments, dogs, cell phones, computers, toothbrushes . . .  before there was Earth, religion, rainbows . . .
before we had bodies. We WERE.  We did not pop into existence like
                                                 a piece of toast!  We lived in a big family . . . 
                                                           the BIGGEST family.  Our Father was (and IS)
                                                           GOD.  He told us of a plan, the Plan of
                                                            Happiness, the Plan of Salvation, the plan
                                                 that would allow us to get bodies, progress to
                                       become more like Him, and return to live with Him again.

But there was one in the counsel who said to God that he had a BETTER plan, that would not allow us choices, would FORCE us to return, and would give the glory to himself . . . this was the the son of the morning, Lucifer.

Jesus Christ, God's favorite son, said that he would atone for the sins we would do, and die for us . . . He would follow Father's plan, teach us how to return to God, but of our own choice, and the glory would be God's, not his own.
It's like a fairy tale, but it's true . . .
Christ's Role
God chose Christ, obviously.  But Lucifer rebelled.  He wanted to do his plans whether Father wanted it or not.  He led away 1/3 of us, and they followed him when he fell.  He was cast out of heaven, recievd no body and could not progress.  (you can read Isaiah 14:12-20) But the rest of us followed Christ, following our Father's plan, and were to be sent to earth, (which would be created for us), to recieve bodies, be tested, and get to progress. 
Heavenly Father's Plan
Map of the Plan
Premortal Life with Heavenly Father
veil of forgetfulness
Outer Darkness
When little kids ask where they came from we often answer "from Heaven" to avoid a more difficult explaination of the "birds & bees."  But when we, as adults, ask ourselves "Where did I come from?"  we mean it in a more contemplative, philisophical, eternal way.  But the answer is the same.  Let me tell you a story . . . .
". . . not my will, but thine be done."
Luke 22:42
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