They go out into the world, carried to where ever God wants them. . . . No, they aren't Noah's animals. . . . They are MISSIONARIES!
"I hope they call me on a mission!"
So what do LDS missionaries do?
Missionaries ride bikes a lot, yeah.  They go around in
pairs (called companionships), they shake hands, they
grin and wave at people . . . so what?  What do they

Missionaries leave behind their lives for about 2 years
and go out and tell people about God, Christ, and
families, what Latter-day Saints believe.  They do service, like helping families in poverty stricken areas clean up their area, or teaching people to read, or maybe even mowing your lawn!

                                                                          Missionaries are not allowed to date
                                                                          while called as a missionary, they
                                                                          cannot hold jobs, they must keep
                                                                          themselves from all distractions from
                                                                          the Work of the Lord.  Missionaries
                                                                          do not get paid, but it is a FULL-time
                                                                           job, 24/7.  They cannot call their
                                                                          families, but they must write them at
                                                                          least once a week.  Missionaries are
                                                                          USUALLY young men and women.
                                                                          Worthy boys in the church are strongly encouraged to go when they are 19.  Girls may go at 21.  There are also elderly couples who go together.

When you put in your                                                           papers (applications) to
be a missionary you                                                            are turning your life
over to the Lord.                                                               You do not pick where you
will go, or what                                                                language you will speak.  You
may be called to                                                   Rostov, Russia, or maybe Salt
Lake City, Utah, or                                          maybe Port Alegre, Brazil, or somewhere else.  You might speak Korean or French or American Sign Language or Chinese or Russian or Swedish or. . . .
It is really a sacrifice to go on a mission.  It costs a great deal of money to put aside a job and go where ever you are called, and support yourself only on what you saved from before.  Besides, you are sacrificing having your car, a boyfriend or girlfriend, school, Internet, telephone, TV, and just generally LIFE!  So, Why in the world did I, Kipluck, even want to be a missionary?!?! Well . . .
If it's so very hard to serve a mission for the church, why do we do it?

1. Because we believe it.  We believe we've got some good news, and we want you to hear it.  It is news that makes us happy!  It is news that our loving Heavenly Father wants us to hear and to tell our friends, so that all of His children can here it.  The word "Gospel" literally means "the Good News."

2. Because individually we have felt strongly that God wants us to be messengers for His word.

3. Because we love God, our Heavenly
   Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.

4. Because we love you and want you
   to be happy.

If YOU want to talk to missionaries, click here and arrange a casual meeting.
These are a bunch of Elders (guy missionaries) in front of the Provo Temple!
Why go on a mission?
God's Army
Girl missionaries are called Sisters . . . the boys are called Elders.  They are called, like Sister Kreative instead of Kipluck Ann Kreative.  They wear name tags with very important names, 1st the title Elder or Sister to remind them of their call, next their last name to remind them of their families, and after that the name of the church . . . the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, to remind them of who it is that they are REALLY doing this for . . . Jesus Christ, the Savior!

On October 12, 2001, Sister
Kipluck entered the MTC before going to Houston, Texas to serve as a missionary for the LDS church. She returned home from Texas April 24, 2003.
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